A biking experience like never before

With the increasing number of cars, traffic and daily-life stress, Beirut by Bike was founded in 1998 remind people that they need to take breaks, remain healthy and above all consider the environment. Beirut by Bike was established in Beirut Central District (BCD) in cooperation with SOLIDERE and has been managing “Beirut Car Free Sundays” every Sunday from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm since 2001. With SOLIDERE’s support for four years, Beirut by Bike Club was able to expand into Beirut Souks, Biel Waterfront area and Ain el Mreisseh area.

Beirut By Bike


Biking with a passion

We bring biking back to life through our line of products which are available to buy or rent. Beirut by Bike is the Number 1 Biking Company in Lebanon, located in the heart of our beloved capital Beirut, with over 6000 bikes available for rent. Successfully we have been managing the “Beirut Car Free Sundays” for 20 years now of a 50,000m2 closed circuit space in addition to the open circuit space at Beirut Waterfront.

Our Special Team